DISNEY WORLD HORROR Boy, 2 , missing after being dragged away by alligator during Florida family holiday

15-06-2016 18:44

DISNEY WORLD HORROR Boy, 2 , missing after being dragged away by alligator during Florida family holiday

15 jun 2016 14:52

The tot's dad desperately tried to free his son from the reptile's jaws but was unable to grab him away from the beast in time

Alligator Florida

A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy is missing after being dragged into a lake by an alligator near Disney World in Orlando.

The toddler was grabbed by the reptile and swept into the “Seven Seas Lagoon” at a resort popular with Brits last night.

His petrified dad, who had been relaxing on the beach nearby, was dragged into the water as he desperately tried to free his son from the creature's jaws but had no luck.

Onlookers described how the terrified father "jumped in and literally tried to fight the gator off" to save the boy.

The boy's mum is also thought to have entered the water at some point to save her son.

All five members of the family, who are on holiday from Nebraska and staying at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, were on the beach at the time of the attack.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demmings said the family had arrived at the Florida resort on Sunday.

After witnessing the beast, said to be between four and seven ft long, grab the young boy, his family alerted a nearby lifeguard while his dad tried to wrestle the gator off.

The dad was left with scratches and the lifeguard was terrifyingly unable to save the young boy, who has still not been found.

Demmings said: "We are not leaving until we recover the child. As a father, a grandfather, we are going to hope for the best in these circumstances but based on my 35 years of experience, we know we have some challenges ahead."

Reddit user Mustaberdashery witnessed the horror unfold at the hotel and detailed what had happened in a post.

They said: "I'm currently staying at the grand Floridian. I was walking back from a nearby hotel, the Polynesian, when the incident occurred. I only personally saw the tears and the search, but have heard from others experiences:

"There was a movie night scheduled, and about 15 minutes prior to its start, people were out on this 'beach' area which is really a sandy area on the edge of a large freshwater lake.

"The 2yr old was playing in the edge of the water, near some weeds, but otherwise not really anything crazy. The gator came out of the weeds and quickly grabbed the child. The father apparently attacked the gator (and his clothes were wet, so I have no reason not to believe that) and tried to fight it to get his child back but the gator was able to get away.