"Pedo-politician" named in Maddie case

15-06-2016 18:25

LONDON - A new possible suspect surfaced in the investigation into the disappearance of the girl Madeleine McCann. It involves a former MP Sir Clement Freud, who would have long abused young girls for decades.

The history of Freud, who died in 2009, is explained in detail in a new documentary in whichvictims of the man accusing him of sexual abuse.Arena-7.png

Freud had, according to the Mirror a villa in the Portuguese resort where little Maddie disappeared in 2007. According to the family of Freud he was at the time of the disappearance itself, however, not in Portugal. After deverdwijning he befriended the parents of Madeleine.

 The police are aware of the revelations about the past of Freud and now decides whether the case should be investigated further.


The documentary by ITV, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, says victim Sylvia Woosley how she was abused for years by Freud.She met the man when she was 10 years old and later moved in with him.

"I want everything to be clear before I die," says the now 70-year Woosley in the documentary. "I want to die with a clear conscience."

The woman met the then 24-year-old Freud when she was ten years old. She tells how he kissed her on the mouth during a bus ride. "It was horrible but I could do nothing. I did not react because I could not. I did not know what to do. "From the age of fourteen she moved in with Freud and his wife, and she was regularly abuse, as she claims.

The documentary will also be a second victim to the word of anonymity. They also claim to have been raped by Freud when she was eighteen years old.

Clement Freud was next MP for the Liberal Democrats also known as a television and radio journalist.

By editorial Telegraph: Photo: Telegraph