Police take two tons of drugs seized

15-06-2016 18:02

BERGEN OP ZOOM AND ROOSENDAAL - Police have several locations in Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal drugs seized. The hard and soft drugs with a total street value of 200,000 euros. Two suspects have been arrested.


At one of the locations in Bergen op Zoom, the police seized 150 cannabis plants. Research showed that the nursery had a previous hemp harvest.

Roosendaal visited the police three locations. A nursery 500 cannabis plants were seized.The resident was arrested. In another house the police found nine kilograms of dried cannabis and more than 13,000 ecstasy pills, GHB and hashish oil. Again, a suspect held on. Also, a space is rolled for handling and processing of narcotics.


The value of the seized hemp is 140,000 euros. The hard drugs have a market value of 55,000 euros. the drugs are destroyed by order of the public prosecutor.


Electricity was drained in two buildings. The locations are disconnected from the network.The rental of the spaces that are managed by housing associations, has been canceled.

When the two suspects to appear in court, is still unknown.

By editorial Telegraph: Photo: Michel Bergen