Second Three Lions supporter battered into a coma by brutal drug-fuelled Russian Ultras

15-06-2016 18:30

Leicester City fan Stewart Gray was attacked by mob in Marseilles on Saturday

Football viloence

A SECOND England fan has been left in a coma after being attacked by marauding Russian Ultras in France.

Stewart Gray, of Hinckley, Leicestershire, was battered around the head in Marseilles where England were playing Russia.

The Production Planner, who works for Burnetts Manufacturing, was left with serious injuries after being pounced upon.

Many of the 150-strong Russian mob who went on the rampage in Marseilles were reported to be highly-trained martial artists off their faces on drugs.

Friends and family of the Leicester City follower are now trying to raise money for the horrifically injured football fanatic.

He has been in a coma since sustaining serious head injuries and remains in France.

The family man is showing the early signs of recovery but will be unable to work for a long while.

Money raised will go towards his mounting medical bills and help with his bills back home, says his family.

So far nearly £10,000 has been raised at

His brother thanked all those that had already donated cash.

He wrote: “The family are overwhelmed by your support. We thank you for each and every one of the donations. DG’

On the page, Joe Murphy wrote: “You have to win this one mate . Everyone is thinking of you. We will get you home as soon as possible.”

Andy Essary added: “I do hope you pull through like our Pompey friend Pepe , plz keep us Pompey boys updated with progress. ”

Stewart is the second England fan left comatose by Russian thugs.

Ultras shouted “Die, die, die” and spat at innocent Andrew Bache – known as Pepe – as he lay unconscious while a cop gave him CPR.

The dad of one was battered up to five times with an iron bar or hammer ahead of England’s Euro 2016 opening clash in Marseille.




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