The striker: students are anything but happy

03-03-2016 08:31

Students at peak hours can no longer train. NS can find a good solution to overcrowded trains, but students find it a ridiculous idea.

6563c16e256a3210c6130c3e834d3d5c-1456922632-1.jpgWednesday it was announced that NS CEO Roger van Boxtel received his sentence: colleges and universities turn out anyway to be prepared to adapt their college times. This should ensure that students are ready only after the striker with colleges so they do not occupy the train in these busy times. Thus giving college already indicated lesson in Utrecht until 19:00 and also looks at the city's university opportunities.

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For example, where is looked at, the rosters of first-year students because they often still living at home. And this is precisely one of the problems, to find students. "Besides the fact that there are students who at night have a job, there is also the problem that not all students living in the vicinity of the study itself," said Christine Bolten, a student at the Fontys. "It has been said, many more students live with their parents, especially in the first year. This can sometimes mean that you have to travel all the way from Utrecht to Leiden or Eindhoven. If you have another lesson to 19:00, it may be that you pass around 20:00 or 21:00 at home. "

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"I'm not surprised that students are not pleased with the news," commented Stefan Wirken, president of the National Union of Students (LSVb). "It seems like students are held responsible for the crowds in trains, but that is not so. Easy to say that they no longer allowed to travel in the rush hour. Many students have sports or club activities or work in the evening, also through the introduction of the feudal system. They are already packed hard enough by the abolition of the basic grant, and would therefore still have to give more. "

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Source: by Carolien Tsao Photo: Reuters